The Trial

2013  |  12 minutes  |  Colour

Joseph Grigson (Joseph Maudsley) is placed under arrest for a crime he didn’t commit. To prove his innocence, he is offered the chance to take part in an experimental new form of interrogation that will ascertain an absolute verdict without the necessity to go to court. After signing his life away to Hollerman-Yeung, the scientific corporation behind this revolutionary judicial process, Joseph undergoes an ordeal beyond his imagination…

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Joseph Maudsley, Gary Sharkey, Brendan Christopher, Anthony Meek and Michael Morley

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Cast & Crew

Cast: Joseph Grigson  |  Joseph Maudsley    The Man in the Suit  |  Gary Sharkey    D.L. Johnson  |  Alexa Brown    Dr. Hollerman  |  Stuart Horobin    Joseph’s Companion  |  Susannah Wells  Custody Sergeant  | Brendan Christopher Recovery Room Doctor  |  Graham Showell    Interviewee  |  Adam Dakin    Hollerman-Yeung Secretary  |  Lucy Varney …

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Joseph in normal clothes

Concept Art

Costume Design: During pre-production for The Trial, our wonderful costume designer, Sophie Black, created these lovely conceptual paintings to illustrate her ideas for the clothing worn by the characters in the film. Based in Belper, Derbyshire, Sophie has worked her magic on various other film productions as well as her own. You can find out more …

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Film Festivals

See which film festivals and events The Trial has played at throughout the world with this nifty map. Film Festival Map:   Official Selection List: SFF-rated Athens  |  Athens, Greece  |  20th March – 26th March 2014 Sci-Fi London  |  London, UK  |  24th April – 4th May 2014 Fantastic Zagreb  |  Zagreb, Croatia  |  27th June – 5th …

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Skanska Article

Press Clippings

Skanska Magazine

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The Trial - Behind the Scenes | Lab 01

Production Notes

Building the Laboratory: With a combined cast and crew of over 50 people, along with the support of numerous others, THE TRIAL was the most ambitious project yet undertaken by Anglo Klaxon Pictures. It involved us renting and moving into a large unoccupied warehouse unit for a month to construct four sets and shoot the …

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