The Day We Set Fire To A SONY FS7


Our long suffering Sony FS7 yet again performs flawlessly. This time placed in burning peril during a practical effects shoot for our new short film Ignition.

Rigged at the mouth of an inclined scale miniature corridor, the FS7 was repeatedly licked by flames ejected from the tunnel by exploding gas charges.

Running at 180 frames per second, the camera captured the whole scene and its dynamic action with ease. In many of the takes, when slowed to 25fps, we saw just how powerful even a small explosion can be, as the apparently very rigid set flexed and rippled in response to the explosions of gas. All very cool and much fun!

Principle photography for the project is due to commence in the autumn and we hope to have the film out on the festival circuit early in the new year.

Check out a short behind-the-scenes video below.

Oh, and don’t worry all you cameraphiles out there, no cameras were harmed in the making of this video… Well, save for the fine layer of soot the Sony now wears. 😉

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