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The cast and crew on the set of IGNITION

The cast and crew on the set of IGNITION

Established in 2009, Anglo Klaxon Pictures is a film and video production company specialising in practical effects, specialist photography and set production. 

With a background in engineering, the arts and animation our team offer a wide pallet of skills and experience. From feature films to corporate commercials, we simply love making movies.

When our team are not working on client projects, or writing for movie magazines, you can usually find them with a camera, paint brush or spanner in hand working on their own movies and artistic projects.

Current Highlights…

Anglo Klaxon Pictures presents THE TRIAL, a short science-fiction thriller where medically augmented, mind-reading ‘Detectives’ ascertain the guilt or innocence of criminal suspects through their memories.

Now available via our Vimeo page.


Anglo Klaxon Pictures Showreel

This video gathers together work from our first two years, including Ballardian sci-fi short The Drowned City (2010), photo-narrative art project [f]light (2010), Lovecraftian weird fiction Apartment Eleven (2011) and narrative video installation Matter Only for the Memory (2011).


Organisations we have collaborated with…AKP-Organisations

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